Last day in The Azores

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sat 14 Jun 2008 18:12
Noon, 14th June 2008

We were supposed to leave today (Saturday),but didn't in the end because the weather forecast gave Force 7, and gusts of 8, so we are leaving tomorrow, Sunday the 15th June. Still unsure about the weather in two days time as the prediction is for Northerlies - exactly the same direction we want to go. So we may find we will have to zig-zag up towards Dartmouth!

We cleared out through customs and immigration and the immigration officer asked us if "we had done anything bad", so I said "No, but if you want us to we'll come back, we will. Is that bad enough?" I think the worst thing we have done is to leave a 'painting' on the harbour wall commemorating our visit, along with thousands of other yachts that have visited Horta in the last 15 years. Leaving a painting with your boat name and date of visit is traditional when visiting Horta - and it is considered bad luck if you don't! It's legalised graffiti really....!

The sun is shining today and we have had a day of fixing all the small things that we needed to before setting off tomorrow, and generally feeling sorry for ourselves as this is the last voyage on an adventure that has lasted for the last three years. But maybe this is only a break .......?

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