Talulah's log - 1 day out from Bermuda

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Mon 26 May 2008 18:52
Position "31:57.353N 61:30.332W"

Our distance run in the last 24 hours until noon today is 170 miles. Not bad but the weather has been terrible! Both Anette and I don't think we have had much violent movement on the boat before, with waves and wind slamming into us from the port bow. We've had lots of green water and spray in the cockpit, there are glasses and crockery broken in the main cabin, and the kettle decided to become 'airborne' at one stage. I was even thrown across the saloon and got a bad bruising! But Anette, stoic as ever, even managed to produce a great Shepherds pie for supper last night! So it can't be all bad.

We're hoping for some better weather in the next day or so, as we approach the Azores High Pressure area, and then we'll be able to sort ourselves out, clean the mess up on the boat, and get the sleep which has been avoiding us so far. As I write this log, some sunshine has just peeped out from amongst a grey soulless sky. So we are hopeful!!

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