Aboard again! in Antigua

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Mon 28 Apr 2008 11:57

Position “17:0.47N 061:45.99W”


Friday 4th April 2008


Aboard again for two weeks!!   We’d had the boat anti-fouled by the Boat Yard and put back in the water for us, which save a fair amount of time.   Talulah looked great!   We were only away for 3 months – but that was almost too long!   Anette and I set about going shopping for ice and the victuals, and then discussing where we were going to take Talulah.   We had essentially 3 plans; take her north to Bermuda, take her south back to Grenada for the Hurricane season or leave her in Antigua after having visited the BVI and other islands in the Windward isles.


The weather for taking her north was not particularly good so we thought that we would stay around the Nevis, St Barts and St Kitts for a while.    So after getting Talulah ready for sea we left English Harbour on Tuesday 8th April and sailed around Antigua to Jolly Harbour.   We felt that Jolly Harbour was not as nice or as welcoming as English Harbour, and tended to cater more for the occupants of the apartments and villas surrounding the harbour.   But there was a good supermarket nearby for Anette to stock up on more essentials.


Wednesday 9th April came and the weather pattern between Antigua and Bermuda showed that if we were quick to leave, we could dodge between 2 developing troughs and make a quick passage to Bermuda – so we changed our plans (again!!) and left at lunch time Wednesday to sail 940 miles to Bermuda!


Nelsons Dockyard Antigua


How close was the restaurant and bar!!! A shot taken from Talulah whilst she was ashore



Talulah perched high and dry at Antigua Slipway, English Harbour


Waiting for the lift back in to the water………