Bermuda at last!

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Mon 28 Apr 2008 14:16

Position “32:17.498N 064:49.029W”


16th April 2008


Well we experienced a good mixture of weather from flat calm’s to squalls and rough seas, but its been an interesting trip!   We had intended anchoring off Bermuda when we arrived at 3 a.m. this morning, but after the obligatory call to Bermuda Harbour Radio, they advised us to come straight on in, and talked us through the well lit and marked channels, having picked us up on their radar.  It was all relatively easy and we did not feel worried at all.


We moored up to the customs quay in the dark and then went to bed for an hour or two to wait for the Customs and Immigration office to open – which it did at 0830 sharp.  We were cleared in to Bermuda, left the Customs quay, went for fuel and then sailed out of St Georges Harbour to motor round the island to moor just off Fairylands, where my daughter lives.


It was great being able to see her and her husband, and my two grand children – one of whom I’d never seen before – as they motored out in their own boat to meet us.  So we all had a great celebration that evening.


It was a great shame that Anette had to leave us on the Friday to fly back to the UK, but I stayed on for another week to see to the boat.   We’re both now back in the UK, and Talulah is swinging on a mooring for a few weeks.   Unfortunately we will not be able to bring Talulah back to the UK ourselves as work is getting in the way, and we are hiring a delivery crew to do that for us before the Hurricane season.    But, we’ll be sailing again soon!


Bermuda – alongside the customs and immigration jetty


The View over Bermuda from the old Light house.


Me and the Grand Children on Talulah in Bermuda……