Iles des Saintes and Dominica

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Paul & Anette Morris
Wed 25 Apr 2007 20:41
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Wednesday 25th April 2007
Les Saintes were great, we met up with some Aussie's with whom we had a lot in common, had a some great moments with them, ate a lot drank even more and left the islands with a promise to sail with them from Cape Town to  Grenada via Ascension Island and Brazil in October this year.   This is all on someone else's boat as both theirs and ours will be hauled out ashore in Grenada, waiting for us all to arrive.   Anyway, we'll see.  Business has to take priority unfortunately, but if we can, we'll do it with them.
The sail from Les Saintes was fantastic.  We saw whales leaping out of the water!  I thought they might have been Hump Back whales have since been told they were sperm whales - but what a sight!  Amazing and awesome.   Anette and I were dumbstruck for several minutes as we watched their antics.   It seems they are quite common in this stretch of water.  I wanted some photos, but by the time we scrambled for the cameras, they'd gone - except the memory of them, which is indelible.
We're anchored in Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica now, and have spent a couple of days seeing the island.   It really is stunning, with rain forests, jungled rivers, waterfalls and so on.   It seems like Paradise, but is one of the poorest islands in the Leeward's.   We visited the last Carib Indian reservation on the east of the island and met some of the original Indian people from before Columbus, slavery and the white man came - an amazing history woven through with tales of cannibalism and White treachery.     But all The folks are very friendly, and the 'boat boys' in the Bay extremely helpful.    We'd like to stay a while, but we must move on further south to Martinique - that is after the Reggae Party to which we've been invited to tonight!
We're trading the bikes for a crate of beer!                                A lunch guest on Iles des Saintes
Beautiful flora on Dominica                                                        Dominica - on the east coast
Indian river, Dominica                                                            Indian River, Dominica
Wild pineapples!                                                                    Kasava cake being cooked for us.....Yummee!