St Lucia & Martinique

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Paul & Anette Morris
Sat 7 Apr 2007 23:38
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Saturday 7th April 2007
After a great sail up to Soufriere in St Lucia, we moored up in the shade of one of the two massive mountains called the Pitons.  The views were superb, and the island looked just perfect.   we were not allowed to anchor because of the coral reefs that abound here, and even if we could have, the shore shelves so steeply that it would have been almost impossible.    We were in 16 metres of water just 15 metres from the shore, and then it shelved to 90 metres within the same distance again.   But we spent a peaceful night and I slept under the stars on the trampoline.
The next day we motored up to Marigot Bay, just 6 miles north.   Marigot bay is one of the Caribbean's most spectacular harbours - at least it was until it was developed by more hotels and time shares, and it had so many (empty) moorings for yachts that manoeuvring took a careful eye.  We had to pay for the moorings here, which was a rip-off, as no one indicated that we could anchor in the same area for free!   No wonder most of the moorings were empty.   Made friends with a Rastafarian called Garry, who apparently was "asked to leave" the US for being a little too overt about his religion, and the way that "So called Christians worship icons......."    Anyway, he seemed an OK guy, and he ended up reciting to us from his Bible - which he carried with him always.  
Next (today) day we had one of the best sails since December up to Le Marin in Martinique.   It was a short trip, just 35 miles, through some strange, and at times lumpy seas, but the wind was on the beam, and averaged 22 knots, gusting to 26 at times.   We blasted along with a reef in each sail at almost 10 knots on occasion, and averaged 8.5 knots for the last 20 miles!   Perfect.    We were so tired when we got to Martinique that we just went ashore to check our email, then came back, watched a movie (Oh Brother where art thou!), ate supper and fell asleep.    We went shopping today for the essentials, and are off to the best 'Ribs joint' in town tonight, where we'll be meeting some Aussie friends.
Tomorrow we're off to Dominica, with maybe a short stay on the north of Martinique.   It'll be a change of scenery for us leaving the Windward Islands, as Dominica is in the Leeward islands.
The Pitons seen from the South
Sundowners under the Pitons in St Lucia
Marigot Bay - the nice bits!
Cracking along towards Martinique, with St Lucia behind us