Day 8 - Land Fall UK

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Mon 23 Jun 2008 12:26
Position "49:27.551N 007:04.893W"

Noon, 23rd June 2008

Well today Talulah will make her first land fall in UK since being taken on our adventures South and West by us on 29th May 2005. The Atlantic circuit will have been completed. However, we plan on making a stopover in the Scillies first. The main reason for this is that for the first time on this trans-atlantic, we will have head winds from late tonight it seems, so we will wait for more south westerlies, which in this part of the world are more than common, and are due in 36 hours or thereabouts. Wednesday will be our last day on this trip.

Since leaving the UK in 2005, Talulah has taken us to 16 countries and states, and 32 islands on both sides of the Atlantic - and in the middle! We've had some great anchorages, met a lot of fine people, and have had Christmases, New Year's and other celebrations to remember always. Among the high points were; visiting islands with just 4 inhabitants, swimming (accidentally) with sharks, an 'Italian' New Year in Meyreau, long slow afternoons in Carriacou, dragging our anchor in Union Island, buying a carpet in Tetouan, Morocco, surfing down huge waves in the Atlantic Trade winds, seeing my new Granddaughter for the first time in Bermuda, jungle waterfalls in Dominica, swimming in clear, clear turquoise waters in Tobago Cays, 'barreling' along in Talulah on a broad reach under a tropical sun'.....gales and calms, sun and dolphins, and many, many others.

Anette and I cannot contemplate us not doing this again at some time in the future.....

In the last 24 hours we have run 140 miles and have just 36 to the Cove between Gugh and St Agnes islands, in the Scillies. The weather has been kind to us this last day, although it was cold last night! It was odd to see how the colour of the sea changed from blue to dark green as we crossed the continental shelf yesterday, And went from having depths of over 4000 metres under our keels, to just 200 or less.

We should be in Dartmouth in the afternoon of Wednesday 25th June, and plan on being alongside in Noss Marina. But first, if we can drop anchor and make the Turks Head pub before closing time on St Agnes today............

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