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Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Mon 4 Dec 2006 14:21
"18:19.238N 29:31.940W"

Monday 4th December 2006 1315 local

Somewhere in the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a fish
wearing my best baseball hat!

My hat blew off yesterday (interesting stuff eh??!!) in the 20 to 25 knot
winds that are now constant. Although we are getting gusts of up to 39
knots still.

We continue to roll on through the huge waves that surround us, The sun is
still shining and we have a beautiful full moon at night to make things
better. We are also catching up on sleep, although we never seem to have
enough. Anette continues to turn out "wonders" from the galley, but I
have to wait longer for sun-downers as the clocks go back the further west
we go!

The boat is encrusted in salt from the spray that has dried out, and I am
thinking it will be good to have some of the rain that is predicted for
sea area "Olga", another 800 miles away, so that the salt can be washed
off the decks and the cockpit

We're just coming up to third of the way marker, and we have done over
1000 miles so far!