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Paul & Anette Morris
Wed 22 Nov 2006 18:04
Wednesday 21st November 2006

Attended a seminar called "Sick at Sea" today - which was very good, and
then fitted our new parasail, and tried it out.   It's quite awesome really,
and much easier to handle than a spinnaker.    Also had a visit from the
Lagoon Catamaran rep here in Gran Canaria, which was interesting.   He came
with gifts and 2 invitations to a dinner being hosted by Lagoon and Beneteau
tomorrow night.   Also scrubbed a lot of the Sahara dust off the genoa
today, after the winds of the past few days had blown lots of it all over
the boats in the marina.   Right now we are just waiting for the plague of
locusts (not kidding, saw it on Navtex!), that have been on their way over
from Africa for the past day or so!!

Last night there was a party on board "Brigand", a 55 foot catamaran that
we're rafted up to, and that was great.   Met some very interesting people,
including Sylvie and Konnie, who have done 6 ARC's on their Lagoon 55 foot
catamaran "Elkedo"!    We're off to another party tonight, its a fancy dress
party and the theme is "The Circus"    Anette's got to get busy in the next
hour or so, stitching costumes for us to wear!!

Photo's below of our new parasail, and of Anette, Sylvie and Konnie



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