Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Fri 8 Dec 2006 21:13
position "15:09.15839:59.135W"
Friday 8th December 2006
Started the day as normal - clearing up all the flying fish who thought they'd hitch a ride, from the side decks and trampoline.   Then just after breakfast there was a roar like a train as a huge wave lifted us up from the rear, carried us like a twig forward, bubbled and boiled underneath us then threw us into a trough at 15 knots almost sideways!    Well, that shook off our sleepiness I can tell you!   However that seems to be the order of the day - lots of big waves, then about every 10 minutes or so, along comes a 'huge' wave that knocks you on your beam ends!
Generator died again early this morning.   I don't think it likes the heat and the wave pattern.   I'll look at it tomorrow.
Anette baked more bread, I read a book instead of an equipment manual for the first time this trip!....and we changed course to avoid what we think are some strong winds in the next 24 hours.
One of the 'must have' items that we bought before the trip were some "Life Tags".   These are wrist bands that let everyone else on the boat (me or Anette in this case), if you've fallen overboard.  I thought they were good pieces of kit to have because there were just 2 of us.   However, they don't seem to work when one of us is in the starboard heads!   While we were both on watch at separate times, they decided to alert the 'other' person to the fact that one of us was on the toilet, by indicating that we'd fallen overboard!!!!!     Great technology!