Bequia, to St Lucia

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Thu 5 Apr 2007 16:21
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Wednesday 4th April 2007
There have been some serious tropical rain downpours in the last few days, but they've all been interspersed with bright hot sunshine.   The islands need the water as they have had none for months in some cases, and the ground is pretty parched on some of the smaller islands.    Sunday saw us just 'stooging' around.   There's nothing much to do on a West Indian island on a Sunday, except perhaps go for a walk - which we did.
Monday came, and so did more rain.   None of the rain showers has stopped us from sailing however, and following a farewell drink on the floating bar in Tyrell Bay Carriacou the evening before, we set sail for Petit Martinique to load diesel, water and booze - all at extremely cheap prices compared to the rest of the Eastern Caribbean.  On average more than 50 percent cheaper!   We spent a very 'rolly' (and smelly! - burning rubbish ashore) night at anchor before sailing the next morning to Bequia.
We had a great sail up, and the wind was on the starboard bow the whole way up.   Our max speed for the day was 8.6 knots.   The sea got a bit 'lumpy' as we closed on Bequia, and the skies greyed over, but we made the anchorage in Admiralty Bay with time to spare before a squall passed through.    We heard some friends from "Steamy Windows", a boat on the Atlantic crossing with us, on the VHF and hailed them.   They were in the same anchorage so as soon as we cleared Customs and immigration, we went across and said 'hello' and had a beer.    
This morning saw us sailing up to Soufriere in St Lucia - it was a cracking sail!  It started with some good winds until we sailed in the lee of St Vincent, then more good winds in the open water from St Vincent to St Lucia.  Our max speed was 8.9 knots and the sun shone the whole way.   We noticed some very strange wave phenomena on the way, with short steep seas now and again for no obvious reason, and then some strong currents pushing us in various ways as we passed other islands.   Nothing to worry about though, and we're having a great time, and we celebrated 9,000 miles in Talulah at 1940 hrs UTC today!
We'll probably stop in Soufriere for a day and then sail on up to Martinique.........maybe.......
Anette in Foulies (?) between the squalls
Brad & Alana, our Canadian hosts on the floating bar, Carriacou
Under sail with St Vincent on the nose, and we're going great!