Grenada, Carriacou and Union Island

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 25 Mar 2007 14:15
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Sunday 25th March 2007
We're sat at anchor just off Clifton inside a reef at Union Island.    Bob and Denise joined us a few days ago at Grenada, and we've sailed up the chain of islands that form Grenada and Carriacou, and then on to Union Island.   Up until today the weather was great.   Sunny and very hot.   But this morning the wind is up to 30 knots and gusted 35 at one time, so we might just sneak off around to the eastern side of the island and anchor in it's lee.
We saw some sharks yesterday - fortunately they were in an enclosed pool!   But a couple of days ago whilst snorkelling just off Sandy Island, we saw lots of different coloured fish, and then swam with a large sting ray as it glided along the sandy bottom of the bay.   The waters were so clear and just about 30 degrees warm!
We also had a good stay in Carriacou, where we found a 'floating bar'.   We all piled into the dinghy, motored across to the floating bar, had a couple of run punches and then motored ashore to eat at Lambi's in Tyrell Bay.   We also took a look at some more land on Carriacou.   It's a beautiful place, the people are friendly and the pace of life is sooo slow...... perfect!
The sailing has been great.   We mostly had one reef in the main as we've 'blasted' along between the islands, sometimes at 9 knots, and through waters so clear you can see the bottom even at 9 metres depth - which can be a little unnerving at times if you don't keep an eye on the depth gauge!
Sandy Island - where we anchored and swam with the Ray
Mount Louis, Carriacou - we climbed to the top - the view was fantastic
Typical west Indian shack - Carriacou
Anette, Bob & Denise in St George, Grenada