Talulah's log - just over half way!

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Paul & Anette Morris
Thu 7 Dec 2006 21:10
position "16:01.673N 37:38.151W"
Thursday 7th December 2006
Well, so much for the generator working again!   It stopped again at 3:00 this morning - same problem.   The spectre of little fresh water and no satellite communications loomed, and so once daylight came I set to with spanners and sealant (and a very big hammer!), and made a "temporary" fix......It works!   I've called Fischer Panda, the generator manufacturers, and they should be sending spares to my Son, Andrew, who will bring them to St Lucia when he comes out next week.   I'll fix it properly then.  
A friend of mine and his wife did the same trip as us last year, and he told us that although his wife spent a lot of time reading books - all he read was ' equipment manuals'.....I know exactly what he meant, as I now know the part number of every single "ersatzteil" on my "schone Deutsch" diesel engine generator!!!   Sad isn't it...??
Last night was pretty awful all round.   Although the moon was up, so were the waves, some of them plumping themselves in the cockpit, and some just giving us a thoroughly good bashing and throwing us off course.
Just been told by the 'chef' (with can opener in hand), that the galley is self service tonight...!   Yummee - maybe I'll get those tinned baby octopus on toast after all!!
The sun is shining this evening, it's warm but humid, I hope we have a better evening than last night.........and we have less than 1400 miles now - the home straight!!(?)   I'm thinking of those rum punches already!