Talulah's Log - 900 miles to go!

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 10 Dec 2006 21:01
position "14:18.660N 44:34.551W"
Sunday 10th December 2006
30 degrees, the sun is shining and a good day for winds....we took our parasail spinnaker down, after having kept it up all night, and put a full mainsail and jib up, as the wind was more on the beam.    Getting the parasail down was a bit of an effort in 22 knots of wind, and the inevitable happened as it partially went over the side into the large following sea!    We got it back on board after a lot of swearing and hard work, and then proceeded to patch it up and get it dry(ish).   We were lucky!
We heard of a man-overboard situation last night, and that left us a bit subdued as we sat down for supper.   However, the man was rescued and was being transferred to HMS Lancaster, a British warship just a few hundred miles distant.    But it left it's mark on us nonetheless, as have all the other yachts that have had trouble in the last couple of weeks.   We don't think we can ever be too careful..........However, I must do something about the white marks that are left on my back as a result of not being sun-burnt through wearing my life jacket and harness!!
Tasks today.......fixing the squeaky loo (same one as the man-overboard alarm goes off in, when you sit down!), make more water, clean salt from more areas of cockpit, top up the generator tank with fresh diesel, have a lunch time beer (it's Sunday after all!), think about fishing, read a book......life is so busy!!