Tobago Cays........Sting Rays, Sharks and sun-burn

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 6 May 2007 14:30
Well, eventful the day certainly was.   A good sail down from Mustique was followed by some great snorkelling on the reefs at Tobago Cays, where we saw turtles, sting rays - and oh yes, a shark with an unhealthy interest in us.
We were snorkelling around, I was taking photos, Anette tugging my arm now and then to show me more fish or coral or whatnot, and then suddenly Anette squeezes on my arm hard!   I turn, look and expect to see another Ray, but no, I see a shark.  First looking at us, then swimming away then coming back, but eventually swimming off.   Anette surfaces to shout "quick swim after it and take some photos!"   I think ".....she's obviously been reading her book on 'How to kill your husband"   Anyway we did swim around looking for it for a while, before deciding that we would make a poor supper for it.   Well me anyway!
And the sunburn?  oh yes, we did have some too........
Petit Tabac island in the distance                                    coral on Horseshoe reef
Fish on Horseshoe reef                                                    Jamesby island, which we anchored just off.
Looking east over the reef                                             A visitor we found whilst we swam under the boat
The reef again                                                                My swimming trunks drying....

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