Talulah's Log

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Tue 5 Dec 2006 21:17
position "16:58.680N 32:29.738W"
Tuesday 5th December 2006
Grey skies, grey seas - and great big bacon butties!!  But where's all
the sun we were promised!!?    The day started well with mugs of steaming
tea, fresh baked bread and bacon sandwiches.  More flying fish in the
cockpit making a mess of everything, and still the same wind from the
same direction (ENE).
There is a lot of dust mixed in with the salt on the decks, and we think
that this is being blown all the way from the Sahara.   We've
about 1,700 miles to go, and we're taking it easy with just the two of
us sailing.   The watch keeping system is working, socialising is at
breakfast, sundowners and evening meal - all very civilised really.
The "butter has melted" we turned right, and changed course late this
evening, on to 282 degrees, and now we are sailing right down the rhumb
line to St Lucia.  We're doing between 7 and 9 knots and sometimes 10
knots as we surf down some of the waves.  We've 2 reefs in the mainsail
and 3 reefs in the jib and life couldn't be better!
However, Neptune did get his revenge earlier during 'sundowners', in the cockpit, when he
decided to dump precisely one third of a pint of sea water into the glass
of my best malt whiskey which I was holding at the time!   Of course I
drank it.....!