Tyrrell Bay, Carriacou

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Paul & Anette Morris
Sat 31 Mar 2007 15:53
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Saturday 31st March 2007
Well, we've had a few tropical downpours of rain in the past few days, and the wind seems to be more fickle in its direction.  Always from the east somewhere, but there is far more north and south in it than before.   Perhaps this is normal, and it is merely heralding the start of the hurricane season in a couple of months.   Temperatures also seem to have increased a little, with 33 or 34 Celsius being more normal now during the days.
We've been to Union Island and anchored in Chatham Bay, one of our favourite haunts.   We were also in Saltwhistle Bay in Mayreau, one of the most picture postcard places in the Grenadines, and then we sailed to Clifton and then Hillsborough, the capital of Carriacou.   Anette found a delicatessen there with all manner of foods from Europe and the US, so she's really happy now.   We also stocked up with all the basic food items - including beer!   Talking of which, there is a floating bar in Tyrrell Bay which opens late in the day.   We take the dinghy over, some people just swim over, and enjoy a couple of beers with other sailors from the yachts in the anchorage - so relaxing and nice to chat to other people.
Bob and Denise left us yesterday, catching the fast ferry from Carriacou to Grenada, then a flight from Grenada to Florida, via Puerto Rico.   We've had a great time with them, and we're really sad to see them go.   We've had a lot of laughs and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
We're going to hang around Carriacou for a few days, and then sail on up to Martinique, and then maybe beyond to Antigua and the British Virgin Islands.   But we'll see, there is no rush to do anything.
Beach bar in Chatham Bay, Union Island - and a cold beer at the end of a hot day
with Anette, Bob and Denise
Saltwhistle Bay, Meyreau
Hillsborough, 'Capital' of Carriacou - there's a great deli here called Patty's
Following the fish at Tobago Cays