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Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 3 Dec 2006 21:39
"19:15.800N 27:06.115W"

Sunday 3rd December 2006

It's been a couple of days since the last log entry - and that's been because of the weather we've been having. I've not felt the inclination to do anything much other than look after the boat and ourselves. The waves have been huge and the winds have touched 41 knots in our part of the ocean. We've tried to maintain a good speed, and Talulah has tried to go faster, but the noise and discomfort left us feeling stressed and tired, so we've slowed her down. We've got 2 reefs in the mainsail, no jib up and we're still doing 6.5 knots.

Highlights hv bee few to - except for Anette baking some really tasty German bread in a Force 7, having more flying fish land in our cockpit (they stink like hell if they go undetected for too long in the night!), changing the clocks by an hour (watchkeeping is going to be really complicated now!), and having to eat a lot of the fruit that we brought to last us the whole way across to St Lucia. This is because the nets we put the fruit in, cut into the softer fruit as a result of the boat movement and banging around, So, lots of fruit today,,,,,no fruit tomorrow!

It's a week ago today that we left Gran Canaria, and although the initial days were quite slow for us, we look like arriving in St Lucia on or around the 17th December. This is of course assuming that all other things are equal - which of course they are never, at sea!1/*

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