Sheikh Riyah Harbour to Shab El Hasa

Sat 23 May 2020 10:47

28:37.2060N 33:11.5420E

Another 5.00 am start on Wednesday, 20th May and another windless morning and glassy sea, wow this is unheard of in this area! And it was time to face the oilfields. This next part of the journey involved passing oilfield after oilfield, some in use, some not.

Stop for the night was a reef anchorage which under normal conditions you would not risk but we were beginning to believe the weather forecasts which showed we had one definite day more of these incredible conditions so Syd felt pretty confident in going for it.

We wound through the reefs and dropped anchor just off the Shab El Hasa Reef, more clean clear water and I snorkelled out to the reef where I found a disused pipeline, some okay coral and a bit of fishlife. Back to the boat just in time as the tide turned and a strong current whipped through.

Just before I started cooking dinner the gas bottle finally ran out - slightly ironic in the middle of a gasfield! (this has been the best gas refill we have ever had as it has lasted since we left Pangkor Marina in Malaysia – one dangerously full bottle!) Syd soon changed it (luckily we had a spare plus a spare)

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