Rainy days and lazy ones

Wed 2 Apr 2008 01:08
14.27N 61.02W
Now then, we know you're all jealous, but we've had quite enough of this rain you keep sending over - this is supposed to be the dry season !!  In the last 2 weeks in Martinique it's rained on us almost every day, and we've had a couple of days where it's rained heavily all day.  If we go out we have to be sure to wear quick-dry shorts, or not be embarrassed about walking round the shops with a wet bum; I've got a plastic bag permanently to hand to cover the top of the baguette; the inside of the dinghy is super clean, having been bailed out from bathwater depth a couple of times; the wooden oars are going soggy....etc etc.  The only good thing is that it's washing the salt off the outside of the boat quite well - shame it doesn't have any effect on the hull growth - Syd spent another hour yesterday scrubbing and scraping weed, barnacles and other growths off the waterline... Even more than last time .. must be this water we are (not) sailing in!
We eventually left Marin last Thursday after an interesting night down a side-creek of the bay.  Interesting motor in a twisty channel through the submerged mud banks round a wrecked yacht, trusting that the MaxSea chart was accurate and keeping a close eye on the depth sounder...   One other yacht with its nose right in the Mangroves (didn't look as though it had moved in months!),  one other wreck; we put eventually put the anchor into the mud within a boat's length of the mangroves, plus weight and it seemed to hold in the mud.... peace  ... calm .... water reflecting the stars ... sleep with no creaks from the boat .. no rolling about in the middle of the night .. no wash from passing boats too early in the morning ...  we couldn't even see the open sea ... just surrounded by mangroves!  ......................... But what a breakfast vista ... The pros from Club Med appeared in a couple of ski boats ... and we witnessed them jumping off one of the wrecked hulls and doing / practising various tricks in the flat water of the creek ... one guy managed ..not just a 360 degree vertical roll .. but did three in a row in one smooth continuous motion ... bet he couldn't do any more because he just had to be completely dizzy after that lot!