Endeavour Harbour, Tawila Island to Sheikh Riyah Harbour

Sat 23 May 2020 10:42

28:09.842N 33:39.1790E

More motoring in more glassy seas with a gentle South Easterly breeze as we headed toward the Sinai Peninsular and crossed the main shipping lanes, the highway for all the massive tankers and container ships that transit the Suez Canal. We passed the legendary diving wrecks off the Ras Mohammed National Park, iconic names such a Thistlegorm and Dunraven met their watery graves off these poorly charted reefs with their notoriously strong currents and unpredictably strong winds. Today it was a divers dream but not a single dive boat out.

We put the anchor down for a snorkle on the Shab Riyah Reef just before we went into tonight’s anchorage at Sheikh Riyah Harbour. Lots of coral in pretty good condition.

Sheikh Riyah Harbour is a small fishing boat harbour just before the large Town of El Tur and when we arrived it all looked quiet, we dropped anchor and hoped that the nocturnal Muslems would not be partying on their fishing boats all night but it remained quiet and we had a peaceful night.

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