Sun 4 Jan 2009 17:12
22:52.014N 63:25.445W
At 0900 local (1300 gmt)
Well i should shut up about the wind ... As soon as I sent yesterdays report the wind dropped but the sun shone through the clouds ,just,so it made up for it.  Did 144 miles in the last day .. more or less the same as before but much easier. The wind far steadier and except for the midnight to 1 am squalls (but no rain ... fantastic!!)  and the late evening  .... well nothing, so to stop the crashing and banging as the sails flapped about .. put the motor on... just 1 hour and 25 minutes later we were off again ... and in a better direction (about 25 degrees true).. So now going in the direction I want to but the wind has dropped again so struggling to do 5 knots ... the compensation is its a lovely sunny warm morning .. We`ll see what the afternoon brings!