Wed 26 Mar 2008 02:32
12.58N 61.14W
Tues 26 Feb sailed to Admiralty Bay, Bequia; another long inlet with a small town at the head; the bay filled with yachts of many different shapes and sizes at anchor.
Stayed there until Saturday 1 Mar; we liked the town - slightly more sophisticated and busy with yachties than we'd been used to, with an interesting assortment of shops, but the food, in particular the fresh fruit n veg was noticeably more expensive.  Syd bravely ascended the mast again for nearly 2 hours, battling against a reasonably strong wind and fixed the radar with new bolts and lots of Loctite....  Had to take the whole radar dome off to get at the bolts holding the brackets together.... So there I am making a cats scadle of rope to hold it .. but not happy ... so down .. find a BIG shopping bag and back up again ... slight snag .. half way up the bag got filled with the 20 knots of wind that was blowing  ... so me plus bag are hanging onto the mast almost horizontal ... but it did the trick ... and made me sweat a bit (well a lot really!).
We got the cockpit table and cupholders re-varnished by a local chap - one of those jobs that we thought we really ought to do ourselves, but it had got so bad and he showed us a good example of a similar table he'd already done, that we succumbed.  One day we walked over to a turtle sanctury which was a bit sad with turtles from 4-inch 1 year olds to an 18-inch 30-yr old swimming round in small tanks.  Another day we had a good think about where we might go in the hurricane season and did some internet research on Venezuela and adjoining countries, but didn't make any firm plans.