Day 5/6

Wed 12 Jan 2011 13:12
17:17.747N 41:31.594W
Distance so far   1069nm
Passed the 1000nm mark last night on the captains watch...celebrated by staying asleep, then being savagely beaten around the head by my falling water bottle in the middle of the night. My bruise count is now 9 and increasing by the day. I think boats are designed as an Indiana Jones type obstacle course for us crew, with certain death as a punishment for a wrong move. That Total Wipeout course looks easy compared to staying on 2 feet in this thing.
Apart from drinking lots of tea there's not been alot to occur in the last 48 hours. There has been a minor mutiny on board when Syd found his stock of potatos had been eaten by unpaying stowaways who were located and have since drowned at sea, or at the very least have become fish food. Unfortunately our veggie stock has now diminished to 1 aubergine, 1 corgette and about 2 million carrots. Why so many carrots i'm not sure, maybe the Captain thought it'd be better for our night vision. I braved the galley for the first time last night and created what resembled a cottage pie with leftovers from what our uninvited guests hadn't eaten. I'm pleased to say that we're all still alive.
Wind is now varying between 10-25knots and as we're south of the Azores high it's become a consistent ENE giving us a nice breeze to push us in the right direction. Waves built up yesterday which gave us all in turns a soaking and it became increasingly difficult to helm so we took the mainsail down, now just relying on the 'kite' formation of 2 genoas. Gaviota almost surfs down the waves and with the captain at the helm it managed over 12knots! Unfortunately the wind has dropped since then and boat speed has slowed down to between 6-8 knots. As yet no real rain, and mostly clear sky and the sun is becoming v hot. As we progress further west the clouds look inreasingly menacing and i'm sure we'll be in for a soaking before my next blog.