Thu 6 Jan 2011 21:36
16:45.190N 22:58.810W
1st entry after just leaving Palmeira harbour, Cape Verde at midday today. A place with lovely people and cheap booze, the speciality being "grog" - a distilled paint thinner type substance that they sell in great quantity to us foreigners. Still, being a dry boat for the crossing we get what we can. A decent North Easterly has given us a steady 6-7 knots for the first few hours and sailing with the wind/waves has given us a nice smooth ride (so far). So out comes the fishing kit and 2 hours later we hauling in Tuna, Sea Bass and having a grand feast... Well it was either that or the whole lot snapped within 30mins of fishing and we've now lost the entire kit overboard...oops. So given we now have to ration our food (in the assumption we we're planning on eating fish some nights) i'm deciding on who out of Syd or Lisa I'm going to eat first. But as they've not got a shred of meat on them I'm thinking self cannibalism is the way forward.
Thank god for Haribo.