Flinders Island to Moris Island

Thu 23 Jun 2016 03:43
13:29.417S 143:43.382E

Another early start next morning after a very peaceful night tucked behind a sand spit off Flinders Island, it was a lovely morning and certainly not blowing the 20-25 knots that had been forecasted but it was enough to get the 2 genoas out (same side) and sail a nice reach then the wind died totally so on went the motor, we had reached the Claremont Isles and were mulling over the possibility of either stopping or trying to go out to the Outer Reef as it seemed like we were in for a couple of windless days – then Syd spotted waves on the horizon, they were getting closer so up went the mainsail and off we went, the 2 genoas also went out and we sailed a reach and the wind got stronger with each squall that passed, we had 3 miles to go to Moris Island our stop for the night and we were flying along at up to 9 knots.  All in all it was a very strange day and just proved once again how scarily quickly the sea can change!