Sat 8 Aug 2009 18:26
36:50.13N 11:06.46E
And that should be  Kelibia .... all of 14 miles from where I was .. and accoording to the book an untouched fishing village..... strange I can hear english music blasting out of restaurants! .... but still no mobile connection.... and to cap it all now a brass band ... welcome to hot sunny Brighouse!!!!! 
Had a wander round in the morning and went up to the fort on top of the crag .. only a few hundred feet, but as the rest of the land is pretty much sea level you can see for miles .... And it goes to to pumic times (I know AD but thats about it!) no wonder a sort of small Gibraltar looking acros towards Sciliy ,, but not close enough to see.
I am anchored just outside the harbour, dont fanct the crammed in amongst the fishing boat alternative ... abit hot and smelly .... and water not clear even here so went back up the coast about a mile into really clear water for an afternoon swim  (36:51.83N 11:08.06E) off a long sandy bay.
Now no wind ... well it got up to 7 knots at its peak this afternoon .... so may be stuck here for a bit!