day 11 - I GOT THE PRIZE

Tue 13 Jan 2009 13:11
32:30.459N 45:16.313W
At 1000 local time (1300 gmt)  distance run in last 24 hours 109 miles 
So what can I say ..pressure carried on up and everything else went down... like wind, speed Yes you`ve got it ... I hit the edge of the high pressure big time ... too much right hand down!... Early on was managing 3 knots but by 10.45 it was engine on jobby ..... the rest of the day the wind  varied from 0.5 to 2.5 knots ....So just headed under power about 40 degrees true, to get a bit more northerly - even got the mainsail down - in the hope at least I would get enough wind from the back edge of the system I`ve just missed, so at least I can sail again!
So I won the prize for the biggest chicken around... (remember its the chicken run) .. not that there are too many competitors about! 
Got the sun tan going again though... but had to keep out of the cold breeze (boat speed effect) otherwise needed a woolly sweater on ... but once sussed ....what a day .... fed myself cups of tea and coffee and snacks inbetween snoozes (I reckon I have now banked quite a bit of sleep!) and all of a sudden realised
 I was getting cold as the sun got lower and lost its heat!
And so to bed ... engine still going ..... woke up feeling cold .... got more stuff to throw over me ... back to sleep ... but couldnt keep the draft out ..... then the brain slowly started to work out ... cold- draft --- there must be a reason ... it might even be wind! that had me up top in minutes ..and yes there was - but only 7 knots from behind... So by 3 in the mornig I`d got the sails back up and the genoa poled out "wing on wing" as it now seems to be called and doing all of 3.5 knots  on 40 degrees true. Not fantastic but going again .... So all that work made me feel hungry so eggs beans and fried bread plus a pot of tea did very nicely thank you ... then back to bed!!!
got up at 8 to a lovely clear crisp morning .... a bit more wind .. still straight up the backside ... but we are managing to get over 5 knots ... thats better but not fantastic ... Maybe I should get the spinnaker up to push it up to 7 ish knots .. but any wind increase and it would have to come down ... For the minute pot of tea, chores and this ... then we`ll see what it looks like.........