Lizard Island to Flinders Islands

Thu 23 Jun 2016 03:40
14:10.642S 144:13.835E

Thursday, 16th June we left Lizard Island at 6.00am into a bumpy sea and forecasted South Easterlies of 15-25 knots.   Sailed a lovely broad reach with the 2 genoas and no mainsail at 7-8 knots and pretty comfortable.  Our ambitious plan was to make it to the Flinders Islands 83 miles away so we had to crack on.  First course change and we went dead downwind so the boom went out on one side (acting as a second pole) and the spinnaker pole on the other, then with the rope/block and pulley system in place out came the 2 genoas and away we flew.  We reached Cape Melville and made another course change putting the 2 genoas on the same side.  In total we made 5 course changes to avoid the reefs and managed to keep up an average speed of 7.5 knots which got us to the Flinders Group, we sailed between Stanley Island and Flinders Island still with just the 2 genoas up.  Anchor down and a celebratory glass of wine.  A good days sail.

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