Fri 2 Jan 2009 14:18
18:28.748N 64:27.449W
So anchored off Great Dog Island for the night... It was a slow sail little wind managed 4 knots a couple of times and 5 knots once beating into a light variable breeze (sometimes less) but no hurry .. lovely day and not to far to go ... so got a bit more sun tran before I left. Once anchored snorkled around .. the last time for I dont know how long ... Had my evening pot of tea then cooled another 2 meals .. so now have 22 meals cooked and 6 meals of rice!
Set off 9 am lovely morning abou 15 knots of wind and now beetling along at 7 to 8 knots in calm seas behind a big reef ... so heeling but not bumpy ... yet! Wind direction has gone east but not as far as hoped .. so in a couple of hours (time to clear the reef) will find out what course I can lay and how bumpy ... but it is a perfect day for it... long may it last (probably not long!!!!!)