Made it!

Mon 26 Jan 2009 14:04
36:08.139N 05:21.332W
Well I am here ... Queensway Quay Marina, Gibraltar. Was getting the sails down at 11.30 this morning (gmt-1) in the bay ... where it was blowing 25+ knots.. more windy than in the straits! And tied up on same pontoon as before but nearer the land end of it.. Engine off at 12.40... Thats 3597 miles since leaving Great Dog Island on the 2nd of January, an Ocean away  and  25 nights at sea ... So i will try and write a summary ... lots of cleaning and stuff to do ...  so it will be a few days yet.
Note ..... even the restaurant / pub is shut till friday... annual holiday would you believe!
Thanks for reading .. hope not too boring .. the end.