The rest of Tunisia ... Departed Monastir Tusday afternoon 18th august 09

Sun 23 Aug 2009 20:15
34:46.84N 10:50.05E
And quite a jump..... have sailed down the coast, (slowly, maximum wind strength 10knots!) been to Hammamet, got a fishing thing (2 plastic cans as floats, 3 palm fronds each about 4 foot long ... I`v no idea what they are for ... and of course loads of rope) Glad to say the propeller still went round and I got a diver to cut it all clear in Hammamet.
Final point was Monastir (the coords are there) where Paul and Rachel came out and had a brief few days with me .... Amazing they actually saw over twenty knots of wind and we sailed up to some islands just off the coast.  After Kaliber the coast became very spanish .... long beaches and no anchoring spots so marina to marina.  And the biggest fish in the sea ....4inches long .... thousands of fishermen though ... so I guess anything bigger fished out.
Monastir at the south end of the holiday bit ... Tunisian hol place, good market, and even supermarkets ... food pretty cheap! and long stay berths also cheap.... Nice people except the policemen who couldn't cope with sudden appearance of 3 more people on the boat, and then arriving back in the same port a day later ... all became a bit hairy and long winded .... pity I didn't have any cigarettes to give them!
Needed a day to recover after P and R then final stock up of food and away....