Little America

Sat 9 Feb 2008 00:27
12.01N 61.44W
Wednesday 6th Feb
Clarkes Court Bay Marina...Looking up the hill behind it ... grassland down to the waters edge.. open scrubland turning into copses then denser trees higher up ... all it needs is a few cows to make you think its a summers day in the uk.  A small village called Lower Woburn on the other side of the bay ... Marina consists of 3 pontoons each capable of berthing 20 boats but only about 12 boats here in total.. A pub, opens at 7 am and with big screen tv (could watch the rugby tomorrow (but won`t)) and a pool table ... sophistication!!! Shower block essentially a his and hers bathroom about the same size as 7 OKL! and lots of NOT hot hot water ... even more sophistication. Anyway the sail down was good .. 5 miles 20 knots  plus of wind over the stern, so just put on all the genoa and creamed down at 6 to 7 knots.. Turned in round and behind the headland and had to reduce sail to keep speed down to 4 knots as we charged up through the reefs and into the bay on a close reach and stayed that way right up to the marina. Annabel helmed the whole way, whilst I was down below watching the Maxsea shouting instructions   " Stbd 20.... hold it on that heading .. 200 yards .. will want port 10 ...  port 10 now .. " etc etc  .. she was well in charge up there!!
important ... we got here in time for the burgers ... good size and meaty ... but it still required 3 between us ! Talked to the other yachties .. mainly Americans, a Canadian (the guy)( my age) worked as snow patrol at Whistler up to 8 years ago!, a South African and us!!
Thursday .. after tanking up with water went for a bike ride, and `did` 3 headlands , 80% off road and hilly... at one stage we were off the bikes and using them as levers to scramble up the loose forest floor ... worth it at the top a fantastic view over more bays .. then a whacky downhill on a track that was once a road but heavy rains have turned into deep gulleys and ridges ... with the occasional chunk of concrete dropped in ..and half washed away just to create a bit more interest! Gobsmackingly Annabel managed to ride most of it, albeit slowly !!!
Thursday was independence day here so we joined in a restaurant party and help devour a spit roast lamb ... Spent the evening chatting and drinking with the Canadians...
and so to Friday .... A big.. and I mean BIG shop.. Got the marina organised bus to a very good supermarket  ... now have enough food and booze (except wine - expensive here) to basically see us up through the Grenadines.