now comes the hard bit !

Sun 14 Dec 2008 15:09
17:57.384N 67:37.388W
As at 6.20 this morning14 dec local time. x marks the spot where I put in the first tack to go dead to windward up the coast of Puerto Rico. Tacked because of a major windshift which lasted about 30 mins then nothing... so as dawn was breaking just shoved on the engine to go somewhere.
What a bad half hour ... When tacked no electric winch on the starboard side.. so I actually had to get a winch handle out and wind.. do my shoulders good! ... bet its a corroded terminal somewhere but not going to start taking all the linings off  to find the fault while bumping up and down just here... Which reminds mewind strength up a bit and cracking on nicely...just need one long and one short leg!
Whilst engine was running checked the charge rate (for the batteries) none! .. fan belts fine so another dodgy wire or a knackered alernator.
And then found Fred but Fred is a girl, sorry was, she died whilst laying a large egg ... sober funereral and committed to the deep wrapped in kitchen paper.
Trouble about this beating is I really need to be on the helm all the time to follow the windshifts.. which i am doing right now thanks to the remote control on the autohelm! Mainly by feel .. lot easier to see the sails though!
Next couple of blogs will just be postions showing where and when I have tacked.... My rough estimate right now.. just over 2 days of this to get to Tortola (BVI) at least its gloriously sunny and with the sprayhood down a good breeze to keep me cool .. not so down below ..all shut up to keep the waves out .. so getting rather hot and stuffy.
Bye for now Syd