Fw: Sad good-bye to Lindos, pit stop Symi and enforced lengthy stop Nisyros!

Wed 4 Aug 2010 20:30

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Subject: Sad good-bye to Lindos, pit stop Symi and enforced lengthy stop Nisyros!

Saturday 24th July
Sadly departed from Lindos last Monday and no wind so a very slow 15 mile sail (which took most of the day!) further up the Rhodes coast, anchored overnight in Anthony Quinn bay, a rocky little bay made famous by the actor who starred in the 1961 film Guns of Navarone (according to the owner of the beach bar, he intended to build a film school there but it never happened).  Left early morning and had a good windward beat 15-20 knot wind with 2 reefs in, flew into Panormitis (commonly known as Monastery bay)  A slightly strange place which resembled a mini St. Marks Square but did have a Taverna and a bakery (the holy bread was God awful!!), at night gates were locked so the yachts anchored in the bay were a captive congregation who had to listen to the Monastery bells chiming every half hour!
Left Wednesday morning in wild seas, reefs went in, then the wind died, then picked up big style 25-30 knots!  And the waves grew and grew, everything was reefed, then just as we neared Nisyros, disaster, the Genoa sail ripped from top to bottom!  Hastily rolled in, the boat rolled on and made it into Pali harbour, then a very tricky anchor in strong cross winds.  Things got better on Thursday as the generator also decided to pack up so Syd did battle (again) and lost - not a good idea to try drinking the engine diesel!! Spare sail has been resurrected but also needed repair, will it hold out??