Trash Hero Komodo

Sun 28 Aug 2016 04:14
Indonesia has a very big rubbish problem which unfortunately ruins many places, beautiful beaches are spoiled because of rubbish, litter and plastic are everywhere and even the National Parks are not kept clean.  Added to this the past fishing practices of bombing and use of cyanide and there is a lot of destroyed coral and a frighteningly diminished fish population.  It could be paradise but  . . . . . .
When we visited Labuan Bajo we ventured into a backstreet and came across this ‘little ray of hope’ in the form of Trash Heros.  A group of local people had set up a co-operative aided by volunteers to try and do something about the massive litter problem.  With the aid of a grant (European!) they are collecting as much plastic as they are able to and re-cycling it into imaginative and useful items.  Being amazingly creative people they were making some very interesting things including mats woven from plastic, trays and drink holders and this little zip bag made entirely from juice cartons.  They also showed us a large model of a traditional Phinisi made entirely from paper which had been tightly rolled, the detail was unbelievable.
Please check them out on Facebook and support TRASH HERO KOMODO.

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