Mon 5 Jan 2009 15:54
25:10.445N 63:07.546W
At 0900 local (1300 gmt)  distance run 152 miles
So as you can see progressing well north .. but hardly any easting.. so have just stopped trying! Freed off another couple of degrees (to 48 to 50 apparent) and just letting her speed north quite easily .. wind about 15 knots this morning.... but was slightly more during the night with frequent squalls (nothing over 18 to 20 knots) So used them to keep moving ... So quite a lot of activity on the helm last night!... One squall I slung shot round (the wind comes out radially from a squall) .. just in the right position to ease sheeets  as it hit .. sail across the front of it and then  - no change of sheeting angle - sailed up the side ... Managed 30 mins of sailing due east doing 7 knots ... probably the most east ground Ive made to date!!!
Passed this morning my point in the ocean where - if the wind was feeling kind - I could go right and actually start heading across the ocean ... No way just now ... a little ridge of high pressure is sitting right here so have got to get through it to first. Hopefully somewhere between one and two days time! Here is hoping!