Wed 7 Jan 2009 13:48
 28:36.415N 60:32.617W
At 0900 local (1300 gmt)  distance run in last 24 hours 115 miles
Well I have just turned the corner ... here`s hoping I didn`t go east too soon! I`m still in the high pressure but got through the centre by heading due north under engine for three hours (15 miles) at which time the wind was variable and 4 knots or less! As soon as it went up to 7 knots .. back sailing again and sheeted to a close reach and have just followed the wind round heading just north of east... at grand speed of 4 ish knots! .. So that will be another slow day. That position puts me in line with the north end of the Canaries ... so still quite a lot of northing to be done!
Spent lots of time yesterday analysing weather charts and forecasts so still expecting the high to break down.. just longer .. so I reckon later on tomorrow we should be getting some proper westerly type weather (ie as per the uk .. just a tad warmer!)
Also now onto new territory .. I passed the furthest non stop solo distance during the day (now 713 miles from Great dog island) .. and during today will also pass the time mark ...
The only event of note was during the night when I came down below, I was sure I had seen something moving on the floor .. turned the light on .. and there was a young cockroach looking at me... we both moved like lightening .. me to the "bug spray cupboard" it under the table seat that pulls out ... short wait and out it popped only for me to score a direct hit with the spray ... 1 burial at sea .. So that must have got on board in some shopping from Tortola. Hope its the only one!
Today still hot and sunny so will get a bit more sunbathing in before it goes for good!