Cheated.. a peacefull night asleep!

Tue 20 May 2008 13:55
11:21.931N 63:06.886W
This time just before we actually hoisted the spinnaker the wind returned at 18 knots from the south east, just about at the same time as we reached the point where the main Atlantic trade wind current and the north west current flowing up from the north coast of Brazil join forces ..... so we just hold the same course to steer but turn left 25 degrees! After a bit we realised we would reach Margarita in the middle of the night so made a couple of miles miles detour south (but nearer than M) to Los Testigos Islands (small group of islands with about 160 living there) ... But we reckoned we could just about get there by nightfall.... and we did! At 7 pm and 363 miles after leaving we dropped the hook in a very calm bay .. had a level dinner and bed.... so up early for a downwind down tide daysail to Margarita (about 45 miles) which we are now doing!
(positiion is last nights anchorage ... we are now west of there!)