Thu 1 Jan 2009 23:06
18:24.926N 64:36.859W
This is Road Town, Tortola. British Virgin Islands .... and my last wifi availability for a long time.
The day is gorgeous .. sunny, gentle breeze and just right for messing about in boats and the sea.
Morning a bit hectic getting stuff done.. final internet connection and then top up fuel and water.. Did customs and immigration yesaterday after the Queen Mary 2 cleared out ....
So this afternoon should be a liesurely sail up to the east end on the island to give me a good jumping off point tomorrow... If the weather forecast is correct , with a light breeze that will enable me to go close hauled on starboard tack at 30 to 40 degrees true ... Bet its wrong!!!!!!!
Then hope to take about 20 days to get to Horta (Azores) .. but if the wind is really strong and a good direction will keep south of the Azores and go straight to Gibraltar but that will add on another week (but still be quicker than doing it in 2 stages)... And if the weather forecast is wrong .. well.. I end up sailing due north straight to Bermuda ... A bit out of my way, but should be an ok place to stop and see for a few days! 
Time and weather will tell!