Arrival in San Cristobal, Galapagos

Sat 5 Apr 2014 17:47
00:58.834S 89:36.772W
We arrived in San Cristobel at 11.25 am local time on Tuesday, April 1st and no April Fools jokes, it must be the first time ever we have arrived in daylight after a long sail.  Our agent spotted us as we dropped anchor and within an hour was on board with the National Parks delegation - all 6 of them!  The boat was searched for any banned fruits, vegetables or bugs and we were instructed on the National Park rules, we have 30 days and can visit 3 islands at a whopping cost of $1,094!!!  So after cold drinks all round they left happy and Syd and I collapsed!
We started exploring San Cristobel the next day and visited the Parks Visitor Centre which opened out into an amazing trail over the lava field behind to some lovely beaches where we swam with seal pups - seals are everywhere here and take priority over humans, a couple of nights ago we had a midnight caller of the seal variety, Syd looked out of the back window and a young seal had taken up residence in our dinghy which we had upended on the back of the boat to repel borders (did'nt work), it had the intention of joining us, but the thought of sharing the bed with one did not really appeal, so a naked Syd rushed up on deck and the seal got the message and launched itself overboard!. 
 All the animnals here are amazingly tame and are happy to come close to see you, so we have had close encounters with giant loggerhead turtles, seals, marine iguanas and lots of unusual birds unique to this place.  We discovered a wonderful vegetable market with a better selection of locally grown produce than Panama City!  Now the bikes are together for the first time in 6 months, so we are ready to get cycling..........we hope!