Symi to Kos

Sat 15 May 2010 16:22
36:53.744N 27:17.367E
Saturday 15th May
Left Symi midday Friday via the narrow channel that separates Symi with Nisos Nimos and waited for the wind to pick up but it eluded us and we continued to motor for the next five and a half hours!  Finally reached Knidos and anchored in the lovely bay which is central to the important historical site of Knidos, the ruins are spread over a wide area with two bays which originally were 2 harbours for the important prosperous city which dates back to 4th century BC.  Saturday morning and the forecast was for a South East 4-5 wind so decided to head up to Kos, the wind and sea did just about everything with the wind blowing in every conceivable direction and the sea going from glass to 3-4 foot waves, but we managed to sail all the way and arrived in Kos 5ish to perform a very tricky anchoring manouevre in the Town Harbour.  Kos Town is very pretty in the old part with the remains of the fort and it's walls and some beautiful gardens and tall palm trees with an ancient spreading plane tree where Hippocrates reputedly taught beneath.  Enough culture it's Saturday night, time to head out to find some Greek Rock (music!)