Lovina, North Bali to Ketapang Bay, Kangean Archipelago

Sun 25 Sep 2016 08:32
006:51.50S 115:13.70E

We left Lovina at 4.00pm on Saturday 24th September to overnight to Ketapang Bay in the Kangean archipelago 80 miles North of Bali.  Syd had checked the forecast and there was a front moving in which could bring some wind – certainly worth a chance for a sail.
We got sails up soon after leaving but the wind was just West of North so we used it to head up the coast, tacking round squalls and RAIN (first serious rain we have seen since we turned the corner at Cape York, Australia).  The wind swung round to the South and we headed North.  It was a busy night of sail changes and rain with flashes of lightening and crashes of thunder, the wind died and the motor went on several times during the night then the wind picked up again now from the South East (right direction) and we sailed a fast 8 knot close reach into the Kangean Archipelago and sailed close hauled into the lovely protected bay at Ketapang at 10.00am Sunday 25th September.