Fw: Escape from Pangkor!!!!!

Mon 13 Jan 2020 08:40

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After our last year's trip up to Phuket we took Gaviota back to Pangkor Marina Island and hauled out in June, 2019 back on the hardstand for the duration of the wet season.  We returned to Pangkor 17th December to get her ready for our 2020 Indian Ocean Passage.  Jobs progressed well and she was back in the water 2 days early where Syd fitted a new radar.  Ahead of schedule we escaped Hotel California as Pangkor Marina is fondly known as!  First rolly night was spent in a bay the other side of Pangkor Island, we swam then headed off to overnight it to Langkawi.  Not a lot of wind so we motored and motor sailed and as it got dark we passed the lights of Penang.  The wind picked up bang on the nose and increased so we had a very bumpy ride to Langkawi where we arrived just before dawn.  The wind and tide had placed us in a good position to go straight into Telaga Harbour which is the West end of the South Coast just below the Cable Car.

The short bumpy passage took it's toll, first victims the fridge and freezer as the pump had stopped due to the heeling - Syd having had no sleep was immediately upended under the bed fitting a replacement pump and fridge and freezer were back in action.  Next victim to be tackled was the Autohelm which had also packed up on the journey, meaning the last part had to be hand steered, this was to be a bigger issue!

Saturday was spent meeting up with friends we had made in Australia 5 years previously so we had a lovely catch up with them on Cenang Beach then Sunday Syd spent the day contorted in the hatch at the rear of the boat trying to find out what exactly the problem with the Autohlem was.  After a lot of trials it appears a new one is needed - this is now on order from Hong Kong and will take 7+ days to arrive so here we are.

Hopefully next report will be that Autohelm has arrived, is fitted and operational and we have left for Uligan in the Maldives - watch this space!!!!!

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