Do you know the way to San Jose?

Fri 10 Jan 2014 15:37
08:15.3312N  79:05.4206W
I seem to remember a song about it - anyway we arrived about midday the next day, complete with a ready meal of fresh fish (Syd caught a 2 foot Dorado just off the coast) and dropped anchor in the Robinson Crusoe type bay of Playa Ensenada Grande on San Jose.  Its a big island and is privately owned .... must be a very rich person!  He allows yachts to anchor on the understanding that no rubbish or damage is done, the island is pristine with white sand beaches and untouched jungle.  Only downside is the potential salt water croc danger but Mick Dundee is there (strange he told ME to go in and check the anchor - can't think why!)  So we have our own desert island and hav'nt seen a sole since we got here.  Tomorrow the plan is to sail up the islands to Isla Pedro Gonzales and if we can .... have a look at Isla Viveros (privately owned by Donald Trump) sure he won't mind!