Sat 5 Jun 2010 09:13
36:57.062N 26:59.196E
Saturday, 5th June
Left Leros Marina with a good North North West wind and got sailing but once again as soon as we went between the islands the wind disappeared.  We perservered and sailed the whole way into the tiny Port of Vathy arriving up the spectacular fjord like entrance 5 hours later.  Vathy lies at the end of one of the two fertile valleys on the mountainous island of Kalymnos and is set on a narrow deep inlet with towering cliffs where goats cling precariously to the edge (it did cross my mind to wonder - could they swim??)  The fjord echoes with the sound of goat bells and music from one of the many tavernas which have appeared for the day trippers who arrive daily from Kos. 
Thursday morning we took the bikes and headed inland along the valley to climb the road over the mountains to the other side of the island.  This road (funded by EU money!) seems to be used by very few people and is in pristine condition.  During the journey we saw 2 cars, 1 lorry and 2 bikes!!  But UK taxpayers will be happy to know that for cycling it was perfect!!  We arrived at the other side down an amazing alpine type route to the little town of Argionta and cycled along the hilly coast road to Massouri where we stopped to swim at the lovely sandy beach under the shadow of the island of Telendos.  Then on to Myrties, Pothia (the capital) and back round to Vathy.  Total 16miles and more than 16 hill climbs!! Friday left Vathy and sailed round to Pothia to spend a night in the busy Port moored to the quay.  Nice very Greek town with waterfront Tavernas but total lack of nightlife!  Plan today was to head over to the little volcanic island of
Nisyros but strong winds and poor anchorages suggest safer to go the South Kos so sailing to Kamari later today.