Snapper Island to Hope Islands

Wed 15 Jun 2016 01:55

15:43.540S 145:27.257E

Next day it was an early start on a hot windless day, the stunning mountainous coastline looking it’s best with a topping of early morning cloud.  After a couple of hours of motoring the wind started to pick up and Syd set about creating his complicated sets of ropes, poles and pulleys  (remember them Paul?????)  Out came the 2 genoas and off went the engine, the wind picked up to a more respectable 10-15 knots and we were comfortably sailing downwind at 6-7 knots.  We passed Cape Tribulation and headed out to avoid the large reefs around the Hope Islands (Captain Cook came to grief close to this spot when he hit the now named Endeavour Reef and had to haul Endeavour into the safety of Weary Bay (clues in the name!) to make repairs, speculation has it that had Endeavour not been saved and Cooks discoveries had been lost that the French could have claimed Australia (formidable!!!!).  Once clear of the dangerous reefs we got the sails in and yet another disaster – the bolt holding the spinnaker pole on had bent and the pole was in danger of crashing down.  Syd did battle with the pole, lasooed it and tied it down and we headed in to pick up a mooring ball – next problem, I could not pick it up with the boat hook as the string that pulls the hugely heavy rope up was too short . . . . . so down came the dinghy and I got in it clinging on to the side of the boat as Syd manoeuvred Gaviota to have another go, success this time and we were attached.  The cockpit was once again turned into a workshop as vices and God knows what appeared and repairs began again.  It’s all fun in paradise!!!!!!

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