Cape Upstart to Magnetic Island

Thu 19 May 2016 06:08
19:42.709S 147:45.210E

We left Cape Upstart at 7.30am with already a good South Easterly wind blowing, mainsail up with one reef in and genoa out on a broad reach, the sea was confused and the wind gusting as we came out of the shelter of the mountainous headland and we had a rocky first few hours.  Once away from the headland the wind filled in properly and we poled the genoa out and wing on winged once again.  We flew along at 8+ knots and with 4 gybes thrown in made much better time than we had expected, passing Cape Bowling Green and Cape Cleveland and arriving at Magnetic Island off Townsville  just before dark.  Dropped anchor in lovely sheltered Horseshoe Bay and cracked open the vino.