Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:10
35:33.826N 31:43.245W
At 1000 local time (1200 gmt)  distance run in last 23 hours 166 miles 
That was a better days run ... really feel as though we are moving again! Looking at the chart now I am due south of the most westerly island in the Azores..... and Gib actually looks nearer than the BVIs for the first time!
well yesterday day I can say nothing about ... a repeat performance of the previous day spinnaker sun etc. The key decision of the day was whether to keep the spinnaker up all night again or not.... so got more weather info .. which was conflicting looked around at the sea and sky and decided ... not tonight. So as the sun was setting there I was on the foredeck getting it all down and stowed away.... then once dark a snooze and then cook dinneer ...fillet steak and fresh vegetables ... lovely. Then the wind started building (still from astern) about 20 knots so we were creaming along nicely ... shortly after  a fairly long squall up to 30 knots made me decide a reef in the main before I go to sleep is a good idea... So in a lull thats what I did and thats the way it stayed all night.... me just having to bounce up on deck in an instant when the squalls hit, because  they always produced a different wind direction... So it was fully clothed , including life jacket  and therefore wet I slept on the galley floor on the spare bimini as a matress and a canvas cover as a blanket.... Super place to sleep it doesnt matter which way the boat rolls or leaps ... yuo are held in on both sides and in a relatively non moving bit of boat ... I shall refine my matress as time goes on!
So to the morning and the sun was just starting to peek through the clouds.. otherwise little changed.... going almost due east at a good rate of knots.... barometer steady!