DAY 14 .... and its a go ....all the way

Fri 16 Jan 2009 14:08
34:21.275N 37:54.387W
At 1000 local time (1200 gmt)  distance run in last 23 hours 130 miles 
ie I have put the ships clock forward 1 hour...(now I am 2 hours behind GMT)... From now on I shall do the same when we get to 30:20:10 degrees west ..... then I am on Gibraltar time when I arrive! .. But first to the days sailing....
Well the carpets still soggy but other than that you would hardly know it was a bit wet down here yesterday... Also very thankfull I`ve got my throw over covers in place in the main saloon ... you can see the salt marks where they are drying out..... they will need the laundry when I get there!
Day started grey and slowly the sun peeked through ... I got my Musto top off hoorah! Wind very light so played the angles to get some speed up and made about 70 deg true .. which is fine I still need northing to get round the top of the high. Anyway wind slowly forced me onto a dead run  ... so back to wing on wing by lunch time..... but now heading just a little bit too far south 100 deg true ... not good... What I really need to do is get 50 + miles north to get a bit more wind .... so should gybe and spinnaker up to do it. BUT lunch called ... so decided to do it after lunch .. well sun was quite good and guess what .. after lunch I fell asleep in the warmth of it.... by the time I woke up 2.30  ... Decided to much effort to put spinnaker up - its dark at 5,30 and no moon until later in the night now so I would be getting it down only an hour or so after putting it up  .. too much like hard work! And so the night went on the same way ... but me determined to get the spinnaker up first thing .... all this time only doing about 5 knots.
At least in the calm of the day I spent ages umming and aarring about Azores / Gib ... got as much weather info as I could  and that looked as good as it could be ... lots more wind up in the Azores so probably cold and wet as well .... not ideal for sitting there waiting for it to clear ... and its further .... and I mailed my old marina (Queensway Quay)and they came back to say they had a berth I could use till the end of April (it should be a bit warmer by then) so thats it ... thats where I am heading. And recommence the journey in May.
Distance still to go 1730 miles as the crow flies ... which means I am just more than halfway there (done 1990 miles so far) . So I said yes  please to the berth and see you 27th - 30th Jan